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Pink Zebra LCD Connector
Units are cm
(Click to see 7 mil conductors)

Elastomeric connectors, also known by the registered trademark ZEBRA connectors,[1] are rubberized layers of alternating conductive and insulating materials. They provide high-density redundant electrical paths for high reliability connections. They often are used to connect liquid crystal displays to circuit boards in electronic devices.[2]

Because of their flexibility, they excel in shock and anti-vibration applications. They can create a gasket-like seal for harsh environments. Conductor material possibilities include carbon , silver and gold. The length, width and height may be specified as well as the stripe pitch. It is very easy to obtain samples from vendors.

Elastomeric connectors have many uses, for example, cell phones, calculator displays, flight data recorders, radar systems, and electronic test equipment.

They are used in 2 ways:

  1. spacing of rubber conductive strips equals PCB conductor spacing. Correct alignment is then required
  2. spacing of rubber conductive strips is much smaller than PCB conductor spacing. Correct alignment is then not necessary.

Applications for Elastomer Connectors[edit]

  1. LCD and Electroluminescent displays
  2. Board-to-board connections
  3. Chip-to-board connections
  4. Memory Cards[3]


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