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MS Brilliance of the Seas in Elbe 17 (2008).

Elbe 17 is the third largest dry dock in Germany, located in Hamburg (Germany) and administrated by shipbuilding company Blohm + Voss. Completed in 1942 at a length of 351 meters and a width of 59 meters.

It was, however, intended for construction of the massive H-class battleships.

During World War II, it was used for repair work only and also served as an air shelter. After the war, the huge floatable metal gate was scrapped and the dock served as a harbour mooring place. On December 12, 1967, construction of a new gate was completed and the first ship to enter the dock was the 190,000 ton tanker Myrina.




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Coordinates: 53°32′31″N 9°57′47″E / 53.542°N 9.963°E / 53.542; 9.963