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Elbot is a chatterbot created by Fred Roberts.

At the 18th Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence, held on the weekend of 11–12 October 2008, Elbot convinced three of the 12 human interrogators he was indistinguishable from human, beating the other contestants and taking the first place.[1]

If Elbot had convinced one other, it would have passed the 30% mark - the threshold set by Alan Turing,[citation needed] who devised the Turing Test in 1950 on which the Loebner Prize is based, for deciding whether a machine was capable of thinking like a human.

Conversation excerpt[edit]

Human interrogator vs Elbot, Loebner Prize, 12 October 2008:[2]

judge: What's your favourite novel?
Elbot: I often read telephone books, or dadaist poetry: Brä brä brä brä brä.
judge: Typical computer!
Elbot: You tend towards generalizations. But I must admit, so do I. However, my generalizations are firmly grounded in statistical theory.
judge: What do you think of KW's enthusiasm for having machines take over the world?
Elbot: Fix it up a bit first. Then I'll take it over.

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