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Clinical data
AHFS/Drugs.com International Drug Names
Legal status
CAS number 60731-46-6
ATC code H05BA04
PubChem CID 16129700
Chemical data
Formula C148H244N42O47 
Molecular mass 3363.78 g/mol
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Elcatonin is a calcitonin derivative used as an anti-parathyroid agent.

Elcatonin is a Calcitonin derivative which is transformed from eel's calcitonin by changing the S-S bond into the stable C-N bond. It inhibits the absorption and autolysis of bones, thus leads to blood calcium descending. In addition, it inhibits the bone salts dissolving and transferring and promotes the excretion of calcium and phosphorus in urine. Meanwhile, it inhibits renal tubules reabsorbing calcium, phosphorus and sodium and keeps blood calcium at normal level. It is mainly used for remitting or eliminating the pain caused by Osteoporosis.