Elco van der Geest

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Elco van der Geest
Personal information
Born 4 May 1979

Elco van der Geest (born 4 May 1979 in Haarlem, Noord-Holland) is a Dutch-born Belgian judoka. Throughout his career, Elco had been competing on the judo mat under the Netherlands. In August 2009, Elco accepted the request of joining the Belgian team. He achieved Belgian citizenship right before the 2009 World Judo Championships in Rotterdam.

He is the son of coach Cor van der Geest and a younger brother of Dennis who is also a judoka competing on the highest level.

According to International Judo Federation's World Ranking List, as of June 2010, Elco van der Geest is rank at the number-two spot under Takamasa Anai of Japan.


Year Tournament Place Weight class
2007 European Judo Championships 5th Half heavyweight (100 kg)
2005 European Judo Championships 5th Half heavyweight (100 kg)
2004 Olympic Games 5th Half heavyweight (100 kg)
2003 European Judo Championships 2nd Half heavyweight (100 kg)
2002 European Judo Championships 1st Half heavyweight (100 kg)
2001 European Judo Championships 3rd Half heavyweight (100 kg)