Elderberry Forebay Dam

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Elderberry Forebay Dam
Location Los Angeles County, California
Coordinates 34°33′43″N 118°37′51″W / 34.56194°N 118.63083°W / 34.56194; -118.63083Coordinates: 34°33′43″N 118°37′51″W / 34.56194°N 118.63083°W / 34.56194; -118.63083[1]
Opening date 1974
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earthfill[2]
Impounds Castaic Creek
Height 179 ft (55 m)[2]
Length 1,935 ft (590 m)[2]
Elevation at crest 1,550 ft (470 m)[2]
Width (base) 25 ft (7.6 m)[2]
Dam volume 5,896,950 cu yd (4,508,540 m3)[2]
Creates Elderberry Forebay
Total capacity 28,400 acre·ft (0.0350 km3)[2]
Catchment area 81.6 sq mi (211 km2)[2]
Surface area 450 acres (180 ha)[2]
Normal elevation 1,519 ft (463 m)[3]

Elderberry Forebay Dam is a dam located in Los Angeles County, California, which partitions Elderberry Forebay from Castaic Lake. The dam was built in 1974 as part of the California State Water Project. The dam's forebay serves a storage reservoir for Castaic Power Plant, a pumped-storage hydroelectricity generation facility.[2][4]

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