Eldol, Consul of Gloucester

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Eldol was Consul or Count of Gloucester in Geoffrey of Monmouth's circa 1136 work Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain). In this pseudohistory he was the sole British leader to escape from the massacre of Salisbury, to which Hengist had invited all of the British Leaders to a peace treaty. When all of the leaders were there, about 460 in number, Hengest ordered his men to draw their long knives and kill every leader. Vortigern was spared, but every other ruler was slain, save Eldol, who grabbed a stick up off the ground and killed 70 men in his escape.

After the massacre Eldol was a key supporter of Aurelius Ambrosius and helped him defeat the Saxons. Eldol defeated Hengist in hand to hand combat at the battle at Kaerconan/Cunungeburc, which may be the town of Conisbrough, and beheaded him. He was also at the siege of Vortigern's tower. Eldad, Bishop of Gloucester, was his brother.

It is not stated whether Morvid, Consul of Gloucester during King Arthur's reign in the Historia Regum Britanniae, is related to Eldol.

In later Welsh legend Eldol became Eidol or Eidiol 'Gadarn' ('Mighty'), recorded as one of the three strong men of Britain, having, at the meeting on Salisbury plain, slain 660 Saxons with a billet of wood.

There was a Welsh hero Eidiol mentioned in The Gododdin who may have inspired the use of the name in Geoffrey's work.

He should not be confused with King Eldol who lives generations earlier in Geoffrey's work.