Election Commissioner of India

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Election Commissioner of
the Republic of India
Flag of India.svg
Emblem of India.svg
The Emblem of India
Government of India
Reports to Parliament
Seat Nirvachan Sadan, New Delhi, India
Appointer President of India
Term length 6 years
Inaugural holder Sukumar Sen
Website Election Commission of India

Election Commissioner of India is a member of Election Commission of India, a body constitutionally empowered to conduct free and fair elections to the national and state legislatures. He is usually a member of the Indian Civil Service and mostly from the Indian Administrative Service.

Until 1989, the commission was a single member body, but later two additional Election Commissioners were added. Thus, the Election Commission currently consists of a Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners. The decisions of the commission are taken by a majority vote. V. S. Sampath is the current Chief Election Commissioner and other two Election Commissioners are Harishankar Brahma And S N A Zaidi.[1][2]

Appointment and removal[edit]

The President of India based on a recommendation from the Government of India appoints the Election Commissioners. They have tenure of six years, or up to the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier.[3]


The salary and other conditions of service of the Election Commissioner are determined by the Parliament of India through "Election Commission (Condition of Service of Election Commissions And Transaction of Business) Act, 1991".[2]

List of Chief Election Commissioners[edit]

List of Chief Election Commissioners of India
S.No. Name From To
1 Sukumar Sen 1950 1958
2 Kalyan Sundaram 1958 1967
3 S. P. Sen Verma 1967 1972
4 Dr. Nagendra Singh 1972 1973
5 T. Swaminathan 1973 1977
6 S. L. Shakdhar 1977 1982
7 R. K. Trivedi 1982 1986
8 R. V. S. Peri Sastri 1986 1990
9 V. S. Ramadevi 1990 1990
10 T. N. Seshan 1990 1996
11 M. S. Gill 1996 2002
12 J. M. Lyngdoh 2002 2004
13 T. S. Krishnamurthy 2004 2005
14 B. B. Tandon 2005 2006
15 N. Gopalaswami 2006 2009
16 Navin Chawla 2009 2010
17 S. Y. Quraishi 2010 2012
18 V. S. Sampath 2012 incumbent


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