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Elections in Madagascar gives information on election and election results in Madagascar.

Madagascar elects on national level a head of state - the president - and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. The Parliament has two chambers. The National Assembly (Antenimieram-Pirenena/Assemblée Nationale) has 127 members (160 before 2007), elected for a four-year term in single-member and two-member constituencies. The Senate (Sénat) has 90 members, 60 members elected for a six-year term, 10 for each province by provincial electors, and 30 members appointed. Madagascar has a one-party dominant system, in which it is difficult for small parties to gain any power.

Latest elections[edit]

2007 Parliamentary election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 23 September 2007 National Assembly of Madagascar election results
Parties Votes % Seats
I Love Madagascar (Tiako I Madagasikara, TIM) 105
Fanjava Velogno 2
Antoko Miombona Ezaka 1
Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Recovery (Libéralisme Economique et Action Démocratique pour la Reconstruction Nationale, LEADER–Fanilo) 1
Brun-Ly 1
Fampandrosoana Mirindra 1
Isandra Mivoatsa 1
Liaraike 1
Mayors' Association (Association de Maires) 1
National Wisa Association (Association Nationale Wisa, ANAWI) 1
Vohibato Tapa-kevitsa 1
Independents 11
Total (turnout ? %)   127
Sources: Haute Cour Constitutionelle (main results, 125 seats), Results for two additional seats

2006 Presidential election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 3 December 2006 Madagascar presidential election results
Candidates Party Votes %
Marc Ravalomanana TIM (Tiako i Madagasikara) 2,435,199 54.79
Jean Lahiniriko Independent 517,994 11.65
Roland Ratsiraka Independent 450,717 10.14
Herizo Razafimahaleo LEADER FANILO 401,473 9.03
Norbert Ratsirahonana AVI (Ny Asa Vita no Ifampitsarana) 186,355 4.22
Ny Hasina Andriamanjato Independent 187,552 4.18
Elia Ravelomanantsoa Our Madagascar 113,897 2.56
Pety Rakotoniaina Union 74,566 1.68
Jules Randrianjoary Independent 33,463 0.75
Daniel Rajakoba FIHAVANANTSIKA 28,363 0.64
Manandafy Rakotonirina MFM 14,712 0.33
Philippe Tsiranana Independent 1,128 0.03
Ferdinand Razakarimanana Independent 41 0.00
Salman Khan Independent 21 100.00
Total (Turnout 60.9 %) 3,973,742 100.0
Source: High Constitutional Court

2002 Parliamentary election[edit]

e • d Summary of the 15 December 2002 National Assembly of Madagascar election results
Parties Votes % Seats
I Love Madagascar (Tiako I Madagasikara) 34.3 103
National Union (Firaisankinam-Pirenena) 8.8 22
Pillar and Structure for the Salvation of Madagascar (Andry sy Riana Enti-Manavotra an'i Madagasikara) 4.9 3
Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Recovery (Leader-Fanilo) 3.3 2
Rebirth of the Social Democratic Party (Rénaissance du Parti Social-Démocratique) 2.0 5
Toamasina Tonga Saina 0.6 2
United Popular Forces (Herim-Bahoaka Mitambatra) . 1
Non-partisans . 22
Total (turnout 67.9 %)   160
Source: Adam Carr and Gouvernment Malgache.
N.B. the last source gives the Movement for the Progress of Madagascar (Mpitolona ho'amin'ny Fanjakan'ny Madinika) instead of TTS 2 seats.

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