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Elections in the U.S. Virgin Islands are held to elect senators to the Legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the governor and lieutenant governor of the territory, and a delegate to the United States House of Representatives.

The U.S. Virgin Islands are an organized, unincorporated territory of the United States. Although U.S. citizens, Virgin Islanders cannot vote in U.S. Presidential elections. At the national level, the U.S. Virgin Islands elects a delegate to the United States Congress.

At the territorial level, fifteen senators to the Legislature of the Virgin Islands -- seven from the district of Saint Croix, seven from the district of Saint Thomas and Saint John, and one senator at-large (who must be a resident of Saint John) -- are elected for two-year terms to the unicameral Virgin Islands Legislature.

Since 1970, the U.S. Virgin Islands has elected a territorial governor every four years. Previous governors were appointed by the President of the United States.

The main political parties in the U.S. Virgin Islands are the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands, the Independent Citizens Movement (ICM), and the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands. Additional candidates run as independents.

Gubernatorial elections[edit]



Gubernatorial elections were held on November 7, 2006 with a run off election on November 21, 2006 between the deJongh - Francis team and the Mapp - Liburd team. Governor John de Jongh and Lieutenant Governor Gregory Francis were elected over Kenneth Mapp and Almando Liburd, and Adlah Donastorg and Dr. Cora Christian.

e • d Summary of the 7 and 21 November 2006 U.S. Virgin Islands gubernatorial election results
Candidates Votes
1st round
% Votes
2nd round
John de Jongh - Democratic Party 15,914 49.33% 16,644 57.30%
Kenneth Mapp - Independent 8,756 27.14% 12,402 42.70%
Adlah Donastorg - Independent 7,580 23.49% - -
Write In 13 0.04% - -
Total 32,263 100.00% 29,046 100.00%
Source: Electoral System of the Virgin Islands [1], [2]


e • d Summary of the 5 November 2002 U.S. Virgin Islands Governor election results
Candidates Votes %
Charles Wesley Turnbull - Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands 50.5
John DeJongh 24.4
Six other candidates 25.1
Total 100.0
Source: WSTA Lucky 13 Radio

Legislative elections[edit]

The most recent legislative elections were held in November 2008.

Elections for Delegate to Congress[edit]

The current delegate is Donna Christian-Christensen. She was elected in 2008 without opposition. In 2010 she won a contested race by a wide margin. A lawsuit in the Virgin Islands is currently[timeframe?] pending to provide Virgin Islanders with the fundamental right to be represented in Congress and vote for U.S. President.[1] The federal case is Civil No. 3:11-cv-110, Charles v. U.S. Federal Elections Commission.[2] A similar case was filed in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands against the local Board of Elections, Bevron v. Election System of the Virgin Islands.[3] The cases allege it was racial discrimination present in an all-white and segregated Congress of 1917 that was the impetus to deny the right to vote to a majority non-white constituency.[4] The local case is currently[timeframe?] awaiting a decision. [5]

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