Canarian parliamentary election, 2011

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Elections to the Canary Islands Parliament, 2011
Canary Islands
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  First party Second party Third party
  José Manuel Soria, II Fòrum Ibèric de Barcelona, 5 de juny de 2012.jpg Paulino Rivero.jpg
Leader José Manuel Soria López Paulino Rivero José Miguel Pérez García
Last election 24.0% 24.5% 34.5%
Seats before 15 19 26
Seats won 21 21 15
Seat change +6 +2 −11
Popular vote 288,807 225,757 190,310
Percentage 31.8% 24.9% 21.0%
Swing +7.8% +0.4% −13.5%

The 2011 elections to the Canary Islands Parliament were the eighth elections to the Canary Islands Parliament, the regional parliament for the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands.

The elections were held on 22 May 2011 to elect the 59 members of the parliament in seven electoral districts corresponding to the islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.[1] In order to be eligible for seats, lists had to poll 6% or more in the entire Canary Islands, receive 30% or more of the votes or be the most voted for party in one of the islands.[1] Seats were then be allocated on an insular basis using the D'Hondt method of allocation. The elected members will elect the President of the Canary Islands. The incumbent, Paulino Rivero of the Canarian Coalition, is seeking re-election.

Electoral districts[edit]

The number of members elected for each island was as follows:


e • d Summary of the 22 May 2011 Canarian Parliament election results
Party Ideology Votes Vote % Seats Seats ±
People's Party Liberal conservatism 288,807 31.84 21 +6
Canarian Coalition Canarian nationalism, Liberalism 225,757 24.89 21 +2[A]
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party Social democracy 190,310 20.98 15 –11
New Canaries Canarian nationalism 82,318 9.08 3 +3
Agrupación Herreña Independiente Canarian nationalism 2,163 0.24 1 -1[B]
Alternative, Yes You Can for Tenerife Socialism 19,372 2.14 0 N/A
Canarian Greens Green politics 18,777 2.07 0 ±0
Others 56,392 6.40 0 N/A
Total (turnout 61.21%) 881,733 100 60
^A Compared to CC–PNC and CC–AHI
Source: El Pais
^B In Coalition with Canarian Coalition


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