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Location in New South Wales

Hawkesbury is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It was represented by Steven Pringle, formerly of the Liberal Party of Australia, who contested the 2007 election as an independent but was defeated by Ray Williams of the Liberal Party of Australia. It is currently the safest seat with the largest margin of a sitting member in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.


Hawkesbury was originally created in 1859, replacing part of Cumberland (North Riding) and named after the Hawkesbury River. It elected two members simultaneously from 1859 to 1880. It was abolished in 1920, with the introduction of proportional representation and absorbed into Cumberland. It was recreated in 1927.[1]

Members for Hawkesbury[edit]

First incarnation (1859–1880, 2 members)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  John Darvall None 1859–1860   William Piddington None 1859–1877
  James Cunneen None 1860–1869
  Henry Moses None 1869–1880
None   Alexander Bowman None 1877–1880
(1880–1920, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Alexander Bowman None 1880–1882
  Henry McQuade None 1882–1885
  Alexander Bowman None 1885–1887
  Free Trade 1887–1892
  Sydney Burdekin Free Trade 1892–1894
  William Morgan Independent Free Trade 1894–1895
  Free Trade 1895–1901
  Brinsley Hall Progressive 1901–1907
  Liberal Reform 1907–1917
  Bruce Walker Independent 1917–1920
Second incarnation (1927–present, 1 member)
Member Party Term
  Bruce Walker Nationalist 1927–1932
  Ronald Walker United Australia 1932–1941
  Frank Finnan Labor 1941–1950
  Bernie Deane Liberal 1950–1972
  Kevin Rozzoli Liberal 1973–2003
  Steven Pringle Liberal 2003–2006
  Independent 2006–2007
  Ray Williams Liberal 2007–present

Election results[edit]

New South Wales state election, 2011: Hawkesbury[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Ray Williams 35,793 75.4 +29.7
Labor Peter Wicks 5,276 11.1 -4.9
Greens Leigh Williams 4,705 9.9 +3.4
Christian Democrats Muriel Sultana 1,726 3.6 +3.6
Total formal votes 47,500 97.3 -0.1
Informal votes 1,300 2.7 +0.1
Turnout 48,800 95.1
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Ray Williams 37,401 84.7 +28.7
Labor Peter Wicks 6,755 15.3 +15.3
Liberal hold Swing +28.7


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