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Location within Sydney

Heffron is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is named after Robert Heffron, a former Labor premier of New South Wales. It is a safe Labor seat, and was recently represented by former Premier Kristina Keneally of the Australian Labor Party. On 23 June 2012, Keneally announced that she would be resigning on 29 June 2012 to start her new career as CEO of Basketball Australia, prompting an August Heffron by-election. Labor candidate Ron Hoenig won with 70 percent of the two-candidate preferred vote.[1]

Members for Heffron[edit]

Member Party Period
  Laurie Brereton Labor 1973–1990
  Deirdre Grusovin Labor 1990–2003
  Kristina Keneally Labor 2003–2012
  Ron Hoenig Labor 2012–present

Election results[edit]

Heffron state by-election, 2012[2][3][4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labor Ron Hoenig 20,501 58.9 +17.7
Greens Mehreen Faruqi 8,122 23.3 +4.4
Democrats Drew Simmons 3,749 10.8 +10.8
Christian Democrats Robyn Peebles 2,442 7.0 +5.1
Total formal votes 34,814 94.8 –1.9
Informal votes 1,910 5.2 +1.9
Turnout 36,724 65.9 –22.8
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Ron Hoenig 21,863 70.0 +12.9
Greens Mehreen Faruqi 9,366 30.0 +30.0
Labor hold Swing N/A


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