Electoral district of Tamworth

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New South WalesLegislative Assembly
Nsw electoral district tamworth 2015.svg
Location in New South Wales
State New South Wales
Dates current 1880–1920
MP Kevin Anderson
Party National Party of Australia
Area 21,719.78 km2 (8,386.1 sq mi)

Tamworth is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is represented by Kevin Anderson of the National Party of Australia. Tamworth was held by independent member Tony Windsor between 1991 and 2001 when he was elected to the Australian House of Representatives as the Member for New England.

Tamworth covers the entirety of Tamworth Regional Council, Gunnedah Shire, Walcha Shire and a small part of Liverpool Plains Shire around Werris Creek.[1]


Tamworth was created in 1880 and it elected two members between 1891 and 1894. In 1894, with the abolition of multi-member electorates, new electorates were established such as Quirindi, Bingara and Uralla-Walcha, and Tamworth became a single-member electorate. Proportional representation was introduced in 1920 and Tamworth, along with Gwydir, was absorbed into Namoi. In 1927 single-member electorates were re-established, including Tamworth.

Members for Tamworth[edit]

Two members (1880–1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Robert Levien None 1880–1887   Sydney Burdekin None 1880–1882
  John Gill None 1882–1885
  Michael Burke None 1885–1887
  Protectionist 1887–1894   William Dowel Protectionist 1887–1894
Single-member (1894–1920)
Member Party Term
  George Dibbs Protectionist 1894–1895
  Albert Piddington Free Trade 1895–1898
  William Sawers Protectionist 1898–1901
  Raymond Walsh Independent 1901–1903
  Progressive 1903–1903
  John Garland Liberal Reform 1903–1904
  Robert Levien Progressive 1904–1907
  Liberal Reform 1907–1910
  Independent Liberal 1910–1913
  Frank Chaffey Liberal Reform 1913–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1920
Single-member (1927—present)
Member Party Term
  Frank Chaffey Nationalist 1927–1932
  United Australia 1932–1940
  Bill Chaffey United Australia 1940–1941
  Independent 1941–1947
  Country 1947–1972
  Independent 1972–1973
  Noel Park National 1973–1991
  Tony Windsor Independent 1991–2001
  John Cull National 2001–2003
  Peter Draper Independent 2003–2011
  Kevin Anderson National 2011–present

Election results[edit]

New South Wales state election, 2011: Tamworth[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
National Kevin Anderson 25,235 55.0 +14.7
Independent Peter Draper 17,237 37.6 -8.7
Labor Paul Hobbs 2,167 4.7 -3.9
Greens Dheera Smith 722 1.6 +0.4
Independent Tony Gibson 510 1.1 +1.1
Total formal votes 45,871 98.5 -0.3
Informal votes 699 1.5 +0.3
Turnout 46,570 94.6
Two-candidate-preferred result
National Kevin Anderson 25,680 57.8 +12.5
Independent Peter Draper 18,786 42.2 -12.5
National gain from Independent Swing +12.5


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