Electoral division of Buckingham

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The Electoral division of Buckingham was an electoral division in the Tasmanian Legislative Council of Australia. It was abolished in 1999 after the Legislative Council was reduced from 19 members to 15. The then sitting member, David Crean, was re-elected as the member for Elwick.


Member Party Period
  Thomas Lowes Independent 1856–1870
  Philip Fysh Independent 1870–1873
  Thomas Chapman Independent 1873–1884
  Philip Fysh Independent 1884–1894
  Frederick Piesse Independent 1894–1901
  Tetley Gant Independent 1901–1927
  Thomas Murdoch Independent 1927–1944
  Bill Wedd Independent 1944–1948
  James Connolly Labor 1948–1968
  Ken Lowrie Independent 1968–1986
  Doug Lowe Independent 1986–1992
  David Crean Labor 1992–1999

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