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Electricity Authority
Agency overview
Headquarters Level 7, ASB Bank Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington
Agency executive Carl Hansen, Chief Executive
Website www.ea.govt.nz

The New Zealand Electricity Authority is an independent Crown entity responsible for the regulation of the New Zealand electricity market.[1] The Authority was established in November 2010, following a government review[2] of the electricity industry, and replaced the Electricity Commission. The Authority has a narrower focus on industry competition, reliability and efficiency than the Electricity Commission had.

The key functions performed by the Authority[3] are:

  • Registering industry participants
  • Developing and administering the Electricity Industry Participation Code
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Code
  • Acting as Market Administrator and contracting providers of market operations services
  • Facilitating market performance through information, best-practice guidelines and related services; and
  • Undertaking sector reviews

Functions that were performed by the Commission, but which are undertaken by agencies other than the Authority include:

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