Electronic Frontier Finland

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Electronic Frontier Finland
Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi) logo.png
Type civil rights organization
Founded 2001 (2001)
Mission Law, Freedom, Privacy
Members > 1500 (2010)
Website effi.org

Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi) is a Finnish on-line civil rights organization founded in 2001 and had over 1500 members in 2010. While not formally affiliated with the U.S.-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, the two organizations share many of their goals. Effi is a member of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign and a founding member of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

Effi's stated aim is to protect and promote freedom of speech and privacy on the Internet as well as in Finnish society in general. Among other things, Effi has lobbied for effective anti-spam legislation and against software patents. Effi has also assumed a leading role on certain consumer rights issues such as CD copy protection, in part due to the reluctance of traditional Finnish consumer protection agencies to address them.

Effi presents the annual Finnish Big Brother Awards in cooperation with Privacy International.

Board members include Ville Oksanen, Tapani Tarvainen, Leena Romppainen and Timo Karjalainen as chairman.

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