Electronic Punks

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Electronic Punks
Video by The Prodigy
Released 15 October 1996
Recorded 25 December 1995
Genre Electronica, big beat, alternative rock, synthpunk
Length 59:40
Language English
Label XL
Producer Liam Howlett

Electronic Punks is a video by the British electronic band The Prodigy, released on VHS on October 15, 1996. It includes videos, live performances and rehearsals. Electronic Punks was broadcast on MTV and is available for free download.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Voodoo People"
  2. "Rock and Roll" (Live)
  3. "Out of Space"
  4. "Break and Enter 95" (Live)
  5. "One Love"
  6. "Their Law" (Live)
  7. "Wind It Up" (The Rewound Edit)
  8. "Voodoo People" (Live)
  9. "Poison"
  10. "No Good (Start the Dance)" (Live)
  11. "Charly"
  12. "Poison" (Live)
  13. "Everybody in the Place"
  14. "Rhythm of Life" (Live)
  15. "No Good (Start the Dance)"

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