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The Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA® International) is a not-for-profit 501(c) 6 professional association founded in 1978. The association provides professional credentials in over 80 certifications including electronics, fiber optics and data cabling, renewable energy, computers, customer service, satellite, biomedical, avionics, alarm security, wireless communications, radar, audio/video distribution, and Smart Home. ETA is also one of 13 COLEMs for U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) testing.[1] All certifications are accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC)[2] and align with the ISO-17024 standards.[3]

As of June 2014, ETA has issued over 125,000 certifications. These certified individuals are employed by more than 1,000 businesses/organizations across the world. The association has 5,000 members, 700 Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) serving on various Industry Advisory Committees and 1,000 Exam/Certification Administrators (CA’s).[3]



  • President: Teresa Maher, CSS
  • CEO Emeritus: Richard Glass, CETsr

2013-14 ETA Board of Directors[edit]


  • Chairman: Ira Wiesenfeld, CETsr
  • Vice Chairman: Fred Weiss, CET
  • Secretary: John Baldwin, CETsr
  • Treasurer: William Woodward, FOD


ETA offers only certifications in various knowledge areas, and does not offer courses or train in these areas. It is simply a certifying agency. It does, however, offer endorsements of courses offered at institutions, but not all certifications have endorsed study programs.

Basic Electronics Certifications[edit]


  • Student Electronics Technician (SET)
  • Apprentice (APP)
  • Electronics Modules (EM1-5)

Certified Electronics Technician Schemes[edit]


  • Associate Electronics Technician (CETa)
The Associate Electronics Technician exam is a certification of entry-level electronics professional knowledge to include not only electronics but also safety, record keeping and professionalism. The CETa is good for two years by itself and cannot be renewed without a journeyman certification.[7] The CETa was changed in November 2013 to allow renewal on a four year basis.[6][8]
  • Journeyman Certified Electronics Technician (CET)
To attain the CET, ETA requires the candidate to pass the CETa exam and a qualifying Journeyman Certification Option. The CET is good for four years and can be renewed by retesting or demonstrating 40 hours of upgrade electronics training.[7]
  • Senior Certified Electronics Technician (CETsr)[9]
The Senior Certified Electronics Technician is an upgrade to the Journeyman CET. It requires six-years work experience and an 85% passing score on the CET exam.[7]
  • Master Certified Electronics Technician (CETma)[9]
The Master Certified Electronics Technician requires mastery of the Associate CET exam and requires a pass rate of 75% in at least six of the Journeyman specialty exams. It is a lifetime certification.[7]

Journeyman Certification Options[edit]



  • Biomedical Electronics Technician (BET)
  • Biomedical Imaging Equipment Technician (BIET)


  • Communication Site Installer (R56)
  • Certified Satellite Installer (CSI)
  • Radar (RAD)
  • Telecommunications (TCM)
  • Wireless Communications (WCM)

Information Technology[edit]

  • Network Computer Technician (NCT)
  • Network Systems Technician (NST)
  • Computer Service Technician (CST)
  • Wireless Networking Technician (WNT)

Smart Home[edit]

  • Certified Alarm-Security Technician (CAST)
  • Electronic Security Networking Technician (ESNT)

Other Journeyman Certifications[edit]

  • Avionics (AVN)
  • Commercial Audio Technician (CAT)
  • Industrial (IND)
  • Line & Antenna Sweep (LAS)
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technical Specialist (RFID)

Stand-Alone Certifications[edit]



  • Communication Site Installer (R56)
  • Broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (B-VoIP)
  • Certified Satellite Installer (CSI)
  • Line & Antenna Sweep (LAS)
  • Passive Intermodulation Testing(PIM)
  • Personal Communications Service-Cellular (PCS-C)
  • Telecommunications (TCM)

Information Technology[edit]

  • Network Computer Technician (NCT)
  • Network Systems Technician (NST)
  • Computer Service Technician (CST)
  • Wireless Networking Technician (WNT)

Fiber Optics[edit]

  • Fiber Optics and Data Cabling
  • Aerospace Fiber Optics Fabricator (FAB)
  • Data Cabling Installer (DCI)
  • Fiber Optics Installer (FOI)
  • Fiber Optics Technician (FOT)
  • Fiber Optics Technician-Outside Plant (FOT-OSP)
  • Fiber Optics Designer (FOD)

Optics and Photonics[edit]

  • Photonics Technician Operator (PTO)
  • Photonics Technician Specialist (PTS)
  • Technician in Precision Optics (TPO)
  • Specialist in Precision Optics (SPO)

Renewable Energy[edit]

  • Commercial Wind Maintainer (CWM)
  • Photovoltaic Installer (PVI)
  • Small Wind Installer (SWI)

Smart Home[edit]

  • Certified Alarm-Security Technician (CAST)
  • Electronic Security Networking Technician (ESNT)
  • Residential Electronics Systems Integrator (RESI)
  • Master Residential Electronics System Integrator (RESIma)

RESI Endorsements[edit]

  • Audio-Visual
  • Computer Networking
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Security-Surveillance
  • Environmental Control

Other Stand-Alone Certifications[edit]

  • Certified Customer Service Specialist (CSS)
  • Certified Service Manager (CSM)
  • Electric Vehicle Technician (EVT)
  • Gaming & Vending Technician (GVT)
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technical Specialist (RFID)

The High-Tech News[edit]

The High-Tech News is ETA's bi-monthly membership magazine.[12]

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