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Club “Elegia”—the literary and art association established in Nakhodka in 1970, unites a wide range of poets, writers (including members of the Russian Union of writers), artists and musicians. Founders of the club, Dina Usataya and Stanislav Kabelev, remain at the head of the club.


On October 16, 1970, in a trade-union library at the “Primorsky zavod” in Nakhodka, the first meeting of literature fans was held, in commemoration Sergei Yesenin's birthday. The club was then named “Elegia”. Its organizer, Dina Usataya, held the position of Director of the factory library. After the library closed at “Primorsky zavod” in 1990, with the support of the city administration, the club moved to premises in the historical center of Nakhodka, where it still meets.


The association has 300 members from Nakhodka and other cities and areas of Primorski Krai, among whom are members of the Union of Writers of Russia, including: Gennady Fokin, Nikolay Tertyshnyj, Alexander Bykov, Elena Tatarenko, Svetlana Simonova, Anna Tarabrina, Valenitina Bardina, Stanislav Kabelev, Gennady Bogdankevich, Vladimir Janov, Dmitry Babchenko, Nina Ivanova, Vera Lisitsina, Yury Naumov, Valentin Dudkin, Nastja Popova, Nina Ivanova, Elena Katrevich, Julia Vorobyova, Inna Ulezko, Vasilina Shilnikova, Vasily Tarasenko, Vladimir Maratkanov (a member of the Union of Artists of Russia).


On evenings at the club, only writers, poets, artists and musicians participate. Visitors are frequently travellers; in 2004 the club was visited by the well known traveler Fyodor Konyukhov.

The competition in 2009 resulted in the publication of an edition of the literary collection “The City Married the Sea”, which included 200 verses on the Find[clarification needed]. In the spring of 2010, for the third time supported by the city administration, a competition was held ( “The Way to Parnassus”) for the best verse and prose from schoolboys. This competition theme has been continued for the 60th anniversary of Nakhodka—“a city married the sea”.


Poets and writers of “Elegia” publish their works in the “Literary Gazette” of Russia, the magazine “Far East” and in other publications. The club has a newspaper and a magazine, publishes its own books and almanacs, and participates in regional and pan-Russian book exhibitions.

The club operates every day.