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Founded 1925
Defunct 1939
Headquarters Wilno, Poland
Products Radio receivers
Employees 1100
Elektrit 11 1938 Fragnent hali maszyn.jpg

Elektrit Radiotechnical Society (Polish: Towarzystwo Radiotechniczne „ELEKTRIT” ) was the biggest private-run company in Wilno (modern Lithuanian Vilnius) in the interwar period.[1] With over 1100 workers, the society produced approximately 50 thousand radio receivers annually.[1] A large percentage of the production was exported abroad, mostly to Sweden, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.[1] The yearly turnover exceeded 1 million US dollars.[1] Elektrit proved to be a very successful company and soon became the leading Radio Company in Poland.

Following the Soviet invasion of Poland in the outbreak of the Second World War, during the Soviet occupation of Vilnius, the company was nationalized and then dissolved,[1] and its property dismantled and transported to Minsk, where the "Vyacheslav Molotov" Radio Factory was set up.[1] After the war the plant was renamed Minsk Radio and Television Association "Horizont" (Horizon). It produced "Minsk" radio receivers, being a copy of the Polish pre-war model but with Soviet tube set.


Lee Harvey Oswald worked at the Minsk Radio Plant between 1960 and 1962.[citation needed]


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