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Element Skateboards logo.

Element Skateboards (originally called Underworld Element Skateboards) is a skateboard company, formed by Jeremy Wray, that manufactures skateboard decks, apparel, and footwear. The company is based in Irvine, California, United States (U.S.).[1] In 2000 Element became a subsidiary of Australian surfing brand Billabong International.[2]


An element brand cap

The company was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff,[3] as a collaboration, and was called "Underworld Element Skateboards". Following a period of hardship, the struggling company was later absorbed by Schillereff and the "Underworld" portion of the name was dropped.[4]

Company stores are located in New York City, Honolulu, Orlando (Universal CityWalk), Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Plymouth, Burlington, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, and Paris.[citation needed]


Element Europe[edit]

  • Madars Apse
  • Michael Mackrodt
  • Guilliaume Mocquin
  • Jarne Verbruggen
  • Nassim Guammaz
  • Karsten Kleppan
  • Phil Zwijsen
  • Ross McGouran
  • Ruben Rodrigues[7]

Element Australia[edit]

  • Bjorn Johnston
  • Corbin Harris
  • Beastman
  • Steve Gourlay[8]


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