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This article is about Edward Gorey House. For Elephant House Soft Drink and Ice Cream, see Ceylon Cold Stores.
Elephant House
The front of the house
Location 8 Strawberry Lane,
Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, USA
Coordinates 41°42′19″N 70°14′33″W / 41.70528°N 70.24250°W / 41.70528; -70.24250Coordinates: 41°42′19″N 70°14′33″W / 41.70528°N 70.24250°W / 41.70528; -70.24250
Elephant House is located in Massachusetts
Elephant House
Location of Elephant House in Massachusetts

Elephant House, also known as the Edward Gorey House, is the home on Cape Cod in which Edward Gorey—author, illustrator, puppeteer, and playwright—lived and worked in the home from 1986 until his death in 2000.[1] The home currently serves as a museum celebrating Gorey's life and work.

Gorey had a healthy respect and passion for animals, was an advocate for them, and contributed to animal welfare organizations. He loved cats in particular, thus the activities of the House, from art education to interactive exhibits, have a special focus on animal welfare.

Gorey enjoyed collecting things of all sorts; some of them discarded objects found at the side of the road. He loved to arrange and display such items on his porch and in the rooms of Elephant House. He also had a large collection of books and an overflowing library.[2]

A 2002 grant from the Highland Street Foundation allowed the house to be purchased and the museum to be established.[3][4]



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