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Elephant is a strategic design and innovation consultancy based in Pune,[1] India. The company helps in creating and developing brands, products and services for leading entities.

Elephant was formed in 1989 by graduates from the National Institute of Design and is currently headed by Ashwini Deshpande, Ashish Deshpande and Partho Guha.[2]

The firm employs approximately 60 people in the disciplines of Communication Design, Industrial Design, Environment Design, Packaging Design.[3]

Elephant has worked on multi-disciplinary projects across industry sectors. Select clients include Bajaj Auto, Britannia, Commonwealth Games Federation, Reliance group, Mahindra Group, Procter & Gamble, Tata Consultancy Services, Unilever

Elephant worked on the project of creating the identity, look and livery for Commonwealth Youth Games held in Pune in 2008.

Recognition for Elephant in 2009 includes a nomination as one of India's Best Design Company by Brand Equity, AsiaStar award for Packaging Excellence, Innovative Product Design award by Plastindia Foundation and 2 ReBrand[4] 100 Awards.

Elephant is a member of icsid[5] and The Design Alliance.

Elephant has recently formed a new advertising arm, Brand Planet Elephant[6]

Practitioners at the company have been featured in BBC, CNBC,[7] The Economic Times etc.[8]


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