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Elephant and Piggie is a book series for early readers by Mo Willems. The series, which debuted in 2007 with two books, is done in a comic book style, and features two friends: an elephant, Gerald, and a pig, Piggie. The books are written in conversational style with Piggie's words appearing in pink letter bubbles and Gerald's appearing in grey letter bubbles. The books often address issues of friendship. Books are added to the series on a roughly quarterly schedule, with two books occasionally released on the same day. There is a Bird on Your Head and Are You Ready To Play Outside? won the Geisel Medal in 2008 and 2009. Two books in the series have been listed on Time magazine's Top 10 Children's Books of the Year: Today I Will Fly in 2007 (ranked #2) [1] and Elephants Cannot Dance! in 2009 (ranked #5).[2]


  • 1 Today I Will Fly! (Mar 2007)
  • 2 My Friend is Sad (Mar 2007)
  • 3 There is a Bird on Your Head! (Jul 2007)
  • 4 I Am Invited to a Party! (Jul 2007)
  • 5 I Love My New Toy! (Jun 2008)
  • 6 I Will Surprise My Friend! (Jun 2008)
  • 7 Are You Ready To Play Outside? (Oct 2008)
  • 8 Watch Me Throw The Ball! (Mar 2009)
  • 9 Elephants Cannot Dance! (Jun 2009)
  • 10 Pigs Make Me Sneeze! (Oct 2009)
  • 11 I am Going! (Jan 2010)
  • 12 Can I Play Too? (Jun 2010)
  • 13 We Are In A Book! (Sept 2010)
  • 14 I Broke My Trunk! (Feb 2011)
  • 15 Should I Share My Ice Cream? (June 2011)
  • 16 Happy Pig Day! (Oct 2011)
  • 17 Listen To My Trumpet (Feb 2012)
  • 18 Let's Go for a Drive (Oct 2012)
  • 19 A Big Guy Took My Ball (May 2013)
  • 20 I'm a Frog! (Oct 2013)
  • 21 My New Friend is so Fun (June 2014)


  • Pigeon, another series and character by Mo Willems, is hidden on the inside back cover of each Elephant and Piggie book.