Elephant ear

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Besides its literal meaning (the ear of an elephant), elephant ear can mean:


  • a plant similar in shape to the ear on the head of an elephant (a plant whose large, thick leaves are shaped like an elephant's ear).
    • Several related genera in the family Araceae (Arums):
      • Alocasia, occurring in Tropical & Subtropical Asia to Eastern Australia and widely cultivated in Oceania and South America.
      • Caladium, ornamental plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves originally from South America but widely cultivated
      • Colocasia (taro), native to tropical Polynesia and southeastern Asia.
      • Xanthosoma, a native of tropical America with several species being grown for their starchy corms, an important food staple
    • The immature (first year) form of the temperate Old World biennial plant, burdock, a thistle in the genus Arctium
    • A name for the central Asian plant genus Bergenia, especially Bergenia crassifolia, in the family Saxifragaceae which is widely cultivated as a shade-loving flowering garden plant in temperate zones.