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Elie Apper (born 1933) is a Belgian classical saxophonist who is well known as a former member of the Saxophone Quartet of Belgium ("La Quatuor Belge de Saxophones").[1][2] The quartet made its American debut December 9, 1970, in Fort Worth with the Youth Orchestra of Greater Fort Worth. The Quartet was founded by Francois Daneels, who was a professor of saxophone at the Brussels Conservatory.[3]

La Quatuor Belge de Saxophones members in 1970

  • Francois Daneels (born 1921), soprano saxophone
  • Alfred Jacquet, alto saxophone
  • Elie Apper, tenor saxophone
  • Jean Cunche, baritone saxophone

From 1972 to 1974, Apper served as visiting lecturer at the University of North Texas College of Music. He also was once a faculty member of the Flemish Conservatory and a soloist with the Flemish Radio and Television Orchestra and the King's Royal Guard Band of Brussels.[4]

Higher education[edit]

Apper, a student of Francois Daneels at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, gained First Prize and was appointed Professor of Saxophone (Flemish section).[5]


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