Elifaz, Israel

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Elifaz is located in Israel
Coordinates: 29°47′50.27″N 35°0′41.04″E / 29.7972972°N 35.0114000°E / 29.7972972; 35.0114000Coordinates: 29°47′50.27″N 35°0′41.04″E / 29.7972972°N 35.0114000°E / 29.7972972; 35.0114000
Region Arabah
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1983
Founded by Nahal
Website www.elifaz.co.il

Elifaz (Hebrew: אֱלִיפַז) is a kibbutz in the Arabah valley, near Eilat, in the far south of Israel. It belongs to the Hevel Eilot Regional Council.

The kibbutz was founded in January 1983 by settlers from Nahal. The founders were Israelis from Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Haifa and Nahariya. The kibbutz belongs to the Kibbutz HaArtzi movement. Its population is 45 residents.

The name "Elifaz" was inspired by the eponymous character Eliphaz in the Book of Job (f.e. Job 2:11). In the Negev there are also places with the names of the 2 other "friends": Mahane Bildad in the middle and moshav Tzofar in the northern Arava.

In 2012 the Kibbutz made history as the first kibbutz in Israel to welcome Druze residents. Haza and Nibal Tafesh were unanimously confirmed as full members by an overwhelming majority of inhabitants becoming the first Druze members of a Kibbutz anywhere in Israel. .[1]

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