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Elisabet Juliana Banér née Elisabet Juliana of Erbach (January 22, 1600 - May 29, 1640, Saalfeld), was a German noble, married to the Swedish Field Marshal Johan Banér in 1636. She is considered to have wielded a certain influence upon Banér and the Swedish army during the Thirty Years' War.


Elisabet Juliana was the daughter of George III, Count of Erbach-Breuberg and his fourth wife, Countess Maria of Barby. She married firstly to Count Georg Louis of Löwenstein-Scharfeneck, the son of Louis III, Count of Löwenstein, on March 2, 1620, and she also became the guardian of Anna Margareta von Haugwitz.

As a widow in 1633, she nursed the first German spouse of Banér, Katarina Elisabet von Pfuel, (former lady in waiting of Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg) at her death bed; Pfuel is said to have asked the two to marry at her death, which they did the same year, July 25, 1636.

She has been described as: Excellent by her sense, goodness and ability. She was the good angel of Banér, and directed him toward leniency and calm where it was possible. The army respected her as a mother.[1]

She died of a fever at Saalfeld.


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