Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily

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For the Queen of Germany, see Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Germany.
Elizabeth of Carinthia
Queen consort of Sicily
Tenure 25 June 1337 – 15 August 1342
Spouse Peter II of Sicily
Issue Louis of Sicily
Frederick IV of Sicily
Constance of Sicily
Eleanor, Queen of Aragon
Beatrice, Electress Palatine
Euphemia of Sicily
Violante of Sicily
John of Sicily
Blanche, Countess of Amphurias
House House of Gorizia
Father Otto III of Carinthia
Mother Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz
Born 1298
Died 1352

Elizabeth of Carinthia (1298–1352) was a queen consort and regent of Sicily. She was the daughter of Otto III of Carinthia (who was also count Otto II of Tyrol) by his wife Euphemia of Silesia-Liegnitz. She was born in Gorizia.


On 23 April 1322, in Catania, she married Peter II of Sicily and became queen-consort of Sicily. She was regent for her eldest son Louis after Peter's death, in 1348–1352.

Besides Louis, she had two sons and six daughters:

Her former brother-in-law was regent for her under age son from 1342 until 1348; when he died, she was regent from 1348 until her own death in 1352.



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Elizabeth of Carinthia, Queen of Sicily
Born: 1298 Died: 1352
Preceded by
Eleanor of Anjou
Queen consort of Sicily
25 June 1337 –
15 August 1342
Succeeded by
Constance of Aragon