Elizabeth Boott

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Elizabeth Boott
Elizabeth Boott Duveneck00.jpg
Born Elizabeth Otis Lyman Boott
April 13, 1846
Boston, Massachusetts
Died March 22, 1888
Florence, Italy
Nationality American
Education William Morris Hunt
Thomas Couture
Movement French Renaissance
Spouse(s) Frank Duveneck

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Otis Lyman Boott (April 13, 1846 – March 22, 1888) was an American artist.

Personal background[edit]

Lizzie Boott Duveneck

Boott was born on April 13, 1846 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of the classical music composer, Francis Boott and Elizabeth (nee Lyman) Boott. Her mother, who died when she was 18 months old, was the eldest daughter of a Boston Brahmin, George Lyman and his first wife, who was the daughter of Harrison Gray Otis.[1][2]

On March 25, 1886, in Paris, she married artist Frank Duveneck, who had been one of her teachers. Following their wedding, they lived at the Villa Castellani with her father. Their son, Frank Boott Duveneck was born on December 18, 1886. He became an engineer and married Josephine Whitney, the daughter of Henry M. Whitney.[1][2][3]

Boott lived in Italy, where she had long resided in Bellosguardo, overlooking Florence. She lived later in Paris with her husband and son. She died there on March 22, 1888, of pneumonia.[1][3]

Professional background[edit]

Boott was a model for characters in two Henry James novels, Portrait of a Lady and The Golden Bowl.[2][4]

Boott studied for several years with William Morris Hunt in Boston and Thomas Couture of Villiers-le-Bel in Paris. Her first show was held in Boston at J. Eastman Chase's Gallery.[1][2][4]


  • 1883: American Water Color Society[4]
  • 1883: Boston Art Club[4]
  • 1883: National Academy of Design[4]
  • 1883: Boston Museum of Fine Arts[4]
  • 1883: Philadelphia Society of Artists[4]
  • 1884: Doll & Richards Gallery – Boston
  • 1886: Paris Salon[4]



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