Elizabeth Coleman White

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Elizabeth Coleman White
Elizabeth Coleman White.jpg
Born October 5, 1871
New Lisbon, New Jersey
Died November 11, 1954(1954-11-11) (aged 83)
Whitesbog, New Jersey
Parent(s) Mary Fenwick
Joseph J. White
Relatives Barclay White, grandfather

Elizabeth Coleman White (October 5, 1871 – November 11, 1954) was a New Jersey agricultural specialist who collaborated with Frank Coville to develop and commercialize a cultivated blueberry.[1][2]


She was the daughter of Mary Fenwick and Joseph J. White,[3] and the granddaughter of Barclay White.[4]

She grew up on her father's cranberry farm in the Pine Barrens in Pemberton Township, New Jersey and developed an interest in commercial agriculture. In 1911, she became interested in blueberry propagation and, using her father's farm in Whitesbog, New Jersey, she collaborated with Frank Coville to develop a commercial blueberry based on the wild varieties. They developed a commercial variety in 1916. In 1927, she helped to start the New Jersey Cooperative Blueberry Association.

She died on November 11, 1954.


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