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Coordinates: 29°32′43″N 95°33′29″W / 29.5452°N 95.5581°W / 29.5452; -95.5581

Elkins High School
7007 Knights Court
Missouri City, Texas, 77459
United States
Type Public
Established 1992
School district Fort Bend Independent School District
Principal Barbara Whitaker[1]
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,996 (Spring 2012)
Nickname Knights
2011 TEA Rating Recognized[2]

Lawrence E. Elkins High School is a secondary school in Missouri City, Texas and serves communities in Sugar Land and Missouri City. The school, which handles grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Fort Bend Independent School District. Elkins was established in 1992, with its first graduating class in 1995.

Elkins received a Blue Ribbon Award from the United States Department of Education in 2002.[3]


Lawrence E. Elkins High School was established as a grade 9 and 10 school in Fall 1992 [4][5] to alleviate overcrowding from three other district high schools, Dulles, Clements, and Willowridge.


The Engineering Academy is a unique opportunity for high school students to explore their interest in the field of engineering. The goal of the program is to inform and excite students about the potential of a career in engineering. Courses include Engineering Principles & Systems and Engineering Computer Applications and are meant to form a strong foundation of engineering knowledge. Advanced Engineering Internship is also offered in which students are able to work alongside professional engineers.

In Internship, students will work with NASA and other programs dedicated to the engineering arts and studies. While elective classes include the classical courses in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, emerging courses also include those in the area of Domestic Engineering and Waste Management.

Mix It Up Day[edit]

On November 16, 2004, the principal of Elkins High School allowed the school to participate in the nationwide Mix It Up Day.[6]

Academic Competition[edit]

  • Academic Decathlon
    • 3rd Place Regional 2006
    • 21st Place State 2008
    • 16th Place State 2011
  • Academic Octathlon
  • Math and Science Club (UIL and TMSCA)
    • School Merit Roll, AMC 12 A&B
      • 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009
    • 8th Place TMSCA State 2003
    • 5th Place TMSCA State 2004
    • 6th Place TMSCA State 2008
    • 4th Place TMSCA State 2009
    • 5th Place TMSCA State 2010
  • Speech and Debate (TFA and NFL)
    • 5th Place State 2007
    • 1st Place Duet Interpretation State 2007, Lindsley Howard and Darry Hearon
    • 6th Place Duet Interpretation State 2007
    • 3rd Place Duo Interpretation State 2007, Sami Atassi and Shannon Kitner
    • 4th Place LD State 2008, Andrew Cockroft
    • Top 8 LD Tournament of Champions (TOC) 2008, Andrew Cockroft
  • UIL Academics
    • 1st Place Conference 5A State Academic Champions, 1994–95
    • 1st Place Conference 5A State Academic Champions, 1995–96
    • Calculator Applications
      • 2nd Place State 1995
      • 3rd Place State 1995
      • 1st Place State 1996
      • 6th Place State 1996
      • 1st place State 2001
      • 3rd place State 2001
      • 6th Place State 2002
      • 1st Place State 2004
    • Mathematics
      • 1st Place State 1996
      • 5th Place State 2004
    • Number Sense
      • 3rd place State 1995
      • 4th Place State 1995
      • 1st Place State 1996
      • 5th Place State 1996
      • 6th Place State 2001
    • Science
      • 5th Place 1994
      • 2nd Place 1995
      • 1st Place 1996
    • Computlr Applications
      • 4th Place State 2002
  • Constitutional Law
    • 1st Place State 2005.2008,2011
  • 3rd place armed drill team regulation fort bend drill comp 2009
  • 1st place male color guard fort bend drill comp 2009

Fine Arts[edit]

  • Art
  • Band
    • In 2005, Lawrence E. Elkins HS had the most number of students in TMEA All-State of any school in Texas.
    • In 2009, the Elkins HS Honors Band was one of 18 bands selected in the USA to attend and perform at the BOA Music For All National Concert Festival in Indianapolis.
  • State Marching Season
  • Drumline
    • Marching Season
    • Indoor Drumline: Won 1st place at the TCGC state indoor finals in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2nd place in 2002, 2005, 2012
  • Knightbeats
  • Knightingales
  • Schola Cantori
  • Bell Canto
  • End Effect
  • Camerata
  • Elite Dance Team
  • Drama (Theatre)
  • Orchestra

Honor Societies[edit]


Clements / Elkins Rivalry[edit]

In 1992, after Elkins was built to alleviate overcrowding from William P. Clements High School, zoning issues forced many families in different subdivisions around the city of Sugar Land to send their children to both high schools. Still today, it is not uncommon to find next door neighbors or siblings going to opposing schools as feeder middle schools and zoning patterns overlap.[7]

In 1996, after an outbreak of Senior Pranks between the two schools, the principals of both high schools decided to focus the rivalry in a less destructive manner. After meeting with both schools' Student Councils, the principals decided to hold an annual, year-long competition.

Each school's athletic program can earn points based on wins against the other school in UIL competition. The competitions include: Boys' Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer, and Girls' Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Soccer. A school earns one point when it defeats the rival school. A game ending in a tie score will award both teams one-half point. As often occurs, the schools sometimes meet more than once per year. In the event of a tie for the overall competition, the school's band that is ranked the highest at the Texas UIL Regional Marching Band Competition[8] will be the year's winner.

Since 1997, the schools have held the competition every year. As both schools' mascots (the Ranger and the Knight) typically ride horses, the "Golden Horse" trophy is awarded and displayed in the champion school's trophy case at the beginning of each new school year.


The Knights baseball program has been one of the most successful team sports in Fort Bend ISD history. The Knights have posted a record of 479-180-8 in the 20 seasons they have fielded a Varsity team. Elkins has also won 10 District Championships, advanced to the State Tournament 6 times, winning the State 5A Championship 3 times (1995, 2002, 2003) and finishing as Runner Up once, in 1998. The Knights were also named 2002 National Champions by Baseball America, USA Today, and Student Sports. From 1994-2007, the Knights were led by legendary Texas high school coach Rick Carpenter, father of current St Louis Cardinal Matt Carpenter. The program is currently coached by Tyler Porter, a 1995 graduate of Elkins High School.

Notable alumni[edit]



Elkins, along with other Fort Bend High Schools Dulles and Clements, was subject to an act of cyber terrorism when a list titled Whimsical Girls of FBISD was posted on Facebook in April 2010.[17] The list named several female students from the three high schools with graphic detail of promiscuous acts that the girls performed, locations of the acts, as well as severe name calling. While some described this as tattle-taling, others argued that the list was a direct form of verbal assault and demanded the expulsion of the offender who posted the list.


On March 13, 2008, former Vice-Principal Jon Jeffrey Jones was caught by Sugar Land Police looking through the window of a home containing a woman and several children.[18]

Feeder patterns[edit]

The following elementary schools [19] feed into Elkins:[20] Austin Parkway (partial), Commonwealth (partial), Glover (partial), Lantern Lane (partial), Lexington Creek (partial), Palmer (partial), Quail Valley (partial), Settlers Way (partial).

The following middle schools [21] feed into Elkins: Fort Settlement (partial), First Colony (partial), Lake Olympia (partial), Quail Valley (partial).


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