Ella Cheever Thayer

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Ella Cheever Thayer
Born (1849-09-14)September 14, 1849
Portland, Maine, United States
Died 1925 (aged 75–76)
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 1879–1897
Genre Fiction
Literary movement Suffragette

Ella Cheever Thayer (September 14, 1849 – 1925) was a playwright and novelist. A former telegraph operator [1] at the Brunswick Hotel[2] in Boston, Massachusetts, who used her experience on the telegraph as the basis for a book ("Wired Love, A Romance of Dots and Dashes"[3] was a bestseller for 10 years[4]). She was a playwright, writing "The Lords of Creation"[5] in 1883 as a suffragette (her play is reviewed in the book "On to Victory: Propaganda Plays of the Woman's Suffrage Movement" by Bettina Friedl, Published in 1990, ISBN 1-55553-073-7) and it was one of the first suffragette plays.[6] She also wrote "Amber, a Daughter of Bohemia"[7] which was a drama in 5 acts in 1883.

She also wrote short stories for magazines including "The Forgotten Past" in Argosy (magazine) (January, 1897).

She was a resident of Saugus, Massachusetts.[8]


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