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Ella Holm Bull, (October 12, 1929 – September 21, 2006) was a Southern Sámi teacher and author, dedicated to promoting the Southern Sami language for many years. Together with Knut Bergsland, she created an orthography for Southern Sámi in 1974, which is called the Bergsland-Bull orthography in their honor. Holm Bull received numerous awards for her work on Southern Sámi, including the first-ever Gollegiella Award in 2004.



  • Manne joe maahtam lohkedh. 1989
  • Åarjel-saemien Gåalmede gærja. 1987
  • Åarjel-saemien Vijhtede gærja. 1986
  • Åarjel-saemien Nubpie gærja. 1986
  • Åarjel-saemien Nealjede gærja. 1986
  • Ovmese veareldh. 1985
  • Suhtjegh. 1984
  • Tsååbpe-niejlen jih Tsååbpe-baernien bijre. 1984
  • Brorke. 1984
  • Åarjel-saemien Voestes gærja. 1982
  • Lohkede Saemien (with Knut Bergsland). 1974


She published two LPs on the Iđut label: