Ella Island

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Ella Island
Native name: Ella Ø
Ella Island, East Greenland, august 2007.jpg
Southwestern side. Onlap of devonian sandstone (right) on folded cambrian to ordovician rocks (left).
Location East-Greenland
Coordinates 72°51′N 25°00′W / 72.850°N 25.000°W / 72.850; -25.000Coordinates: 72°51′N 25°00′W / 72.850°N 25.000°W / 72.850; -25.000
Population 0

Ella Island, or Ella Ø, is an island in eastern Greenland, at the mouth of Kempe Fjord in the northern end of King Oscar Fjord. The island is within Northeast Greenland National Park.

Lauge Koch had a cabin on the northern side of the island named Eagle's nest. The botanist Thorvald Sørensen spent the years 1931-1935 here. His observations formed the basis for his doctoral thesis in 1941.

During World War II, US forces had an installation on the island called Bluie East Four.[1] The Sirius Sledge Patrol maintains a small base on the island which is manned only in summer.[2][3]

In 1971 a meteorite was found on Ella Island,[4] classified as a L-6 chondrite.


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