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Anushka Sharma Elle India March 2013.jpg
Anushka Sharma on the March 2013 cover of Elle
Acting Editor Malini Banerji
Former editors Nonita Kalra
Categories Fashion
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 85,000[1]
Publisher Amrit Rai
First issue December 1996 (1996-12)
Company Ogaan Publications Pvt. Ltd. (1998-present)
Country India
Based in Mumbai[2]
Language English
Website Ellenow.com
OCLC number 44005789

Elle is the Indian edition of the worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin called Elle. It is published by Ogaan Publications Pvt. Ltd. Ogaan is based in Mumbai and has offices in New Delhi and Bangalore.[3] The first issue of the Indian edition of Elle was the December 1996 issue.


Prior to Elle's launch in 1996, there were only a few magazines in India aimed at women. The most notable were Femina (the market leader), Savvy and Women's Era. Most of these magazines positioned themselves as complete women's magazines, rather than focusing on a certain segment. In 1996, Elle was launched in India, aimed at "upmarket metro women". Initially, Elle took a conscious step not to publish too much international content. Their intention was to be as local as possible and gradually expose readers to international trends. Elle magazine issues following the launch, featured almost 90% of local content. According to Amrit Rai, then executive publisher of Elle, "Globally, Elle has believed in this policy of adapting to the needs of the local market." Elle increased international content gradually over the years, as exposure to global brands and trends increased in India. By 2010, Elle was offering an equal share of local and international content. R.S. Suriyanarayanan, media director, Lintas Media Group, credits Elle for the evolution of the fashion and lifestyle category in India. He says, "Back then, magazines had just started entering niche segments and Elle was one of the first serious attempts in the fashion and lifestyle genre. Its contribution in helping the fashion and lifestyle category to evolve cannot be ignored." Sandeep Goel, vice-president and branch head, Mudra Connext, believes that after Elle's launch, even other women's magazines were forced to focus more on lifestyle and fashion sections.

Elle also contributed to raising the cover price for women's magazines in India. At the time of its launch, the average price of Indian women's magazines was between INR20-30. Only Elle and Cosmopolitan India (which launched 2 months after Elle) charged a cover price of INR50, which was higher with respect to the Indian market, but much lower than Elle's other international editions. Due the price sensitive nature of the market, Elle could not increase its cover price for almost a decade. The cover price was eventually raised to INR75, on completing a decade in India.[4]


Elle was accused of digitally lightening actress Aishwarya Rai's skin on the cover of the December 2010 issue. The controversy began when Rai's fans noticed the discrepancy between her "airbrushed" and actual complexion, and began expressing it online. Rai did not comment on the controversy herself, but the media reported that her friends had described her as "furious" and that "her first reaction was disbelief". The media also reported that Rai might sue Elle over the issue.[5][6][7][8]

In an interview with Mumbai Boss in October 2011, then Editor-in-Chief Nonita Kalra, speaking on the controversy said, "That was a silly controversy because the Daily Mail picked it up and made up this story. They never wrote to us. They say that they wrote to us and we weren't available. Not true. She was lit in a technique that Suresh Natarajan uses and everyone knows that. Yes, she's impossibly fair. If you ever see her bronzed, it's with make-up. On her own, she's really fair. Yes, if you flash a light on someone they do bleach out a bit. It's his style. With great innocence, we do this cover, and we get all this flak. Unfortunately, the controversy helped and the issue was sold out but not for the right reasons. But it was ridiculous."[9]


The following have served as Editor-in-Chief of Elle:

S. No. Name From To
2 Nonita Kalra[10] June 2000 20 December 2012
3 Malini Banerji (Acting Editor)[11] 2012 present

List of Elle cover models[edit]

Elle Boutique[edit]

France-based Lagardère Active Group that owns lifestyle brand Elle, launched its apparel range in India on 11 April 2012. Lagardere appointed Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd. as a licensee. The Elle collection will consist of premium apparel, shoes and bags. The products will be sold through Elle Boutique stores in malls and high streets and will also retail through Elle shop-in-shops.[12] The company also has plans to introduce other businesses such as Elle cafés and lounges, spas and bottled water in India. The products to be sold at Elle stores would be made in India.[13]

As of March 2013, Elle Boutique stores are present in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Noida. In addition, Elle brand products are sold in Hyderabad and Ludhiana through licensed retailers.[14]


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