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Ellen Jens is a Dutch television director and producer, best known for her collaboration with Wim T. Schippers on VPRO television. She has produced and directed a large number of other television shows, especially on literature and art, and is referred to as a "television legend".


In the early 1970s Jens was a "scriptgirl" working for the VPRO.[1] Starting in 1972 she began working with Wim T. Schippers, producing his shows from 1972 (De Fred Hachéshow) to 1994 (We zijn weer thuis);[2] on many of the shows she is credited as a director and writer as well.[3]

She produced and directed Hier is Adriaan van Dis, the talk show hosted by Adriaan van Dis (which ran from 1983 to 1992),[4][5] and was the producer of the long-running VPRO TV show Jiskefet[5][6] and the Schippers series on popular science Flogiston.[7] For presenter Hanneke Groenteman, she produced the talk show on art De Plantage,[8] from 1994 to 2001.[9] Since 2005 she produces the TV show VPRO Boeken,[10] a program on literature hosted by Wim Brands, for which she also designed the set (modeled on the set for De Plantage, taped in the Studio Plantage in Artis,[5] in turn modeled on her own house); she was picked (as a "television legend") for her experience with literature, based in part on her work with Adriaan van Dis.[11]


In the early 1970s she dated Hugo Claus, at the time when he promoted his novel Het jaar van de kreeft; Claus and Jens were photographed together as part of a campaign to plug the book, which had Claus's love life as its main topic.[1] She lived with Wim T. Schippers in the 1970s and 1980s[4][12] and later married him.[11]

Select filmography[edit]

Entries marked with an asterisk are with Wim T. Schippers


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