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Ellenor Frutt, played by Camryn Manheim, is a fictional character from David E. Kelley's legal drama, The Practice. She often struggles with issues related to her weight, appearance, and relationships. She has not had much luck in finding love. At one point, Ellenor places a personal ad in the newspaper and finds an interested partner whom she can talk to on the phone, and after several conversations they decide to meet. After meeting him, Ellenor loses interest in him. He later sues her, and then drops the case after making his point. Ellenor later becomes romantically involved with Fred Spivak, a crooked chiropractor treating Rebecca for non-existent injuries supposedly sustained during a swoop and squat crash.

Ellenor is sometimes led by her emotions when taking cases: cancer case with about 11 clients (taken with Jimmy Berluti), another with an overweight woman who was teased by a clown, and a case involving a monkey. She is fluent in American Sign Language. In the episode "Race Ipsa Loquitor" Ellenor stated that she was Jewish.