Ellery Bop

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Ellery Bop
Origin Liverpool, England,
United Kingdom
Genres indie rock

Ellery Bop were an 1980s Rock/indie band with Liverpool/Irish roots.


  • Jamie Farrell : vocalist/lead guitarist (ex-English Opium Eaters)
  • Steve Johnson : guitarist
  • Robbie Butcher : bass guitar
  • Kev Connolly : percussion
  • Mark Parry : drums (later Thunderboots, Steppin’ Razor, Western Promise)


The band toured infrequently (with Killing Joke) but recorded several sessions for the BBC with John Peel [1] and Janice Long. They produced a much more energetic sound than contemporary bands but seemed unable to capture the volume and energy of their live performances on record. A John Peel session recorded live at the London I.C.A. came closest to capturing the band at their best. The band claimed bands such as MC5, The Stooges, Ramones, Heartbreakers and The Clash as their influences, something heard more on later recordings although early tracks show a more rockabilly and punk influence. New single to be released October 2012 with a new album to follow November 2012 via Thudmonkeyinc.


Chart placings shown are from the UK Indie Chart.[2]


  • Hit The Moon (June 1981),
  • Ringing (March 1982) (featuring; Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds on bass) (#46)
  • We Deny (November 1982),
  • Fire In Reflection EP (1983).
  • Torn Apart EP (1985)


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