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Dr. Ellie Lee is a senior lecturer in social policy at the University of Kent in Kent, United Kingdom.[1]

She previously worked at Southampton University as a lecturer, and then as research fellow. She has written numerous articles on health-related issues, including abortion, reproductive technologies, infant feeding, post-natal depression and men’s health.

Ellie Lee is the author of Abortion, Motherhood, and Mental Health: Medicalizing Reproduction in the US and Britain (Aldine Transaction 2003). She is also the co-ordinator of Pro-Choice Forum.[2]


Ellie Lee is a strong advocate of abortion rights. In October 2007 she gave evidence to the parliamentary Science and Technology Select Committee on women's need for abortion after the first trimester.[3] She is involved in the work of the Institute of Ideas,[4] and is a frequent guest in debates on the BBC Radio 4 programme Woman's Hour.

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