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Coat of arms of the Puttkamer family

The family von Puttkamer (also abbrev. to v. Puttkamer) belongs to a widely extended German noble family whose earliest ancestor is first recorded between 1257 and 1260 in Schlawe (Sławno), Farther Pomerania. While some of its branches have the title of Graf (count), others are entitled to the lesser Freiherr (baron). According to a widespread family tradition, many firstborn Puttkamer receives the first name of "Jesco".



Regarding personal names: Freiherr is a former title (translated as Baron), which is now legally a part of the last name. The feminine forms are Freifrau and Freiin. Regarding personal names: Graf is a title, translated as Count, not a first or middle name. The female form is Gräfin.


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