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Elliott Morris is a young guitarist and singer/songwriter prominent in the Lincolnshire, UK music scene who is known for his unorthodox style[1] of percussive guitar.[2]

Morris was originally the guitarist for young band Eponymous,[3] but decided to go solo after most of his bandmates went off to university. He plays a custom made Hania guitar, built by Martin Harrison in 2009.[4]


Morris was profiled on BBC Introducing on 23 July 2010. He cited Frank Turner, John Martyn, John Mayer and Eric Roche as influences. In fact, it was the latter who turned Elliott to his style of percussive guitar playing: "My guitar teacher Andy Taylor showed me an Eric Roche DVD and from then on I knew that is what I wanted to do." [2][5]

Morris has appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival for three years.[6] His "energetic style of highly percussive playing" at the Lincoln Folk Festival, where he opened for Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick, received a highly positive review from the Northern Sky Online Music Mag.[7] He has also opened for Men Diamler – Beltane at The Buxton Festival Fringe.[8] His virtuosic style has been described as "rhythmic, complex, unpretentious."[9]

The "specialized heavy duty guitar" which Morris plays was custom built by Martin Harrison, known for his work with rock stars, and is mentioned in a 2010 BBC story as an example of this top guitar builder's work.[10] In 2011, one of the world's largest guitar manufacturers, Cort Guitars, featured Morris in its demonstration videos of new acoustic guitar models.[11]


Elliott has so far self-released 4 EPs since 2008.[12][13][14] In 2011, Something Like This, earned him considerable exposure, with Lincoln Unsigned stating that the "standard response when asking if others are aware of him has gone from "Don't you mean Elliott Minor?" to "Is he the one that hits his guitar?" ".[15]

TV Lincoln wrote " Elliott...is one of the most talented and hard-working musicians in Lincolnshire today, mixing impressive melodic and percussive acoustic guitar work with catchy hooks and a growing maturity. His latest four-track collection is both his poppiest and most adult work yet, and shows how he deserves his place as one of Britain's most up-and-coming musicians."[16]

Something Like This reached number 11 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart shortly after its release on 25 July 2011. This followed Spend Some Time, a number 1 single on the same iTunes chart which was a collaboration with Dancing Lotus, released in April 2011.[14][17]

Elliott's brother Bevan, produced and played Bass, Drums and Double Bass on Elliott's latest two EPs.

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