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Site of the First Ellis Mill after it was demolished.

The Ellis Mills were a set of textile mills in Monson, Massachusetts.

The first Ellis mill was built in 1872 to replace an old wooden Reynolds Mill that burned down several years before. It is located at the confluence of the Chicopee and Conant Brooks, on Bliss Street in Monson, and was powered by one of the largest waterfalls in Monson.

The second Ellis Mill was constructed in 1908. During its heyday, the two Ellis Mills made upholstery for a number of notable people, including Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom's coronation car and the cars in the White House fleet.

The company was dissolved in 1962 and the first factory was closed in 1962, it remained abandoned until finally being demolished in 2000. The other mill building went through several more owners before finally closing in 2001.

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