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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Chromalveolata
Superphylum: Alveolata
(unranked): Myzozoa
Phylum: Dinozoa
Class: Ellobiopsea
Order: Ellobiopsida
Family: Ellobiopsidae
Genus: Ellobiopsis

Ellobiopsis caridarum
Ellobiopsis chattonii
Ellobiopsis elongata
Ellobiopsis eupraxiae
Ellobiopsis fagei
Ellobiopsis racemosus

Ellobiopsis is a genus of alveolae parasitic protozoa.

This genus was created in 1910 by Caullery. Species in this genus infect crustaceans.[1]

The type species is Ellobiopsis chattoni.


This genus has been difficult to classify. This genus has been placed in several different taxa in the past but it is now known to the an alveolate. Its closest relations appear to be the genus Thalassomyces.[2] These genera have been grouped together to form the family Ellobiopsidae.

Host records[edit]


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