Elmer (comics)

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Date 2006-2008
Number of issues 4
Main characters Jake Gallo
Page count 144 pages
Publisher Komikero Publishing
Creative team
Writers Gerry Alanguilan
Artists Gerry Alanguilan
Creators Gerry Alanguilan
Original publication
Language English
Publisher Slave Labor Graphics
Date October 2010
ISBN 978-1-59362-204-6

Elmer is a Filipino comic book created by Gerry Alanguilan. It was originally published by Komikero Publishing, and later published by Slave Labor Graphics.

Elmer is a story set in a world where chickens suddenly gain human-level intelligence and the ability to speak, and focuses on one particular chicken, Jake Gallo, as he explores the trials his father, Elmer, went through in his struggle for equal rights.


Elmer's author, Gerry Alanguilan, grew up in San Pablo City, Laguna, a city in a fairly rural area of the Philippines where chickens roamed freely through the streets. Alanguilan was mystified by the behavior of these chickens and wrote a short minicomic about them called Stupid Chicken Stories. Later, Alanguilan decided to create a sequel called Ultimate Chicken Story, but in the process of creating this story it began to shift into a more serious project that would eventually develop into Elmer.[1] Alanguilan has described Keiji Nakazawa's manga Barefoot Gen as one of the inspirations behind Elmer.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Elmer was originally published in the Philippines in four issues by Komikero Publishing between 2006 and 2008. It was collected into one volume in October, 2009.

Slave Labor Graphics published the English translation in one volume in October 2010.


Jake Gallo, an intelligent chicken who is easily offended by humans, is called to attend his father Elmer's funeral. Afterward, as part of his father's will, Jake receives a diary Elmer had kept.

Through the diary, Jake discovers a first hand account of how the world reacted when chickens gained intelligence in the 1970s. As he realizes the trials his father endured, Jake reflects on his own feelings and eventually overcomes his prejudices towards humans.


Elmer was well received,[3] and has an average rating of 3.9/5 on Goodreads.com[4] and 4.7/5 on Amazon.com[5]


  • Winner (For Elmer) Quai des Bulles – Ouest France 2011, St. Malo, France
  • Winner, Best Asian Album (For Elmer), Prix-Asie ACBD, France 2011
  • Nominee, Best New Album (For Elmer), Will Eisner Industry Awards, USA, 2011


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