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Elmer Henry Maytag (September 18, 1883 – 20 July 1940) was the Maytag Corporation president starting in 1926. He also founded the Maytag Dairy Farms.


He was born on September 18, 1883 to Frederick Louis Maytag I, and he had a brother: Lewis Bergman Maytag. He married Ora Kennedy, and had as his children: Frederick Louis Maytag II; Mary Louise Maytag (1916-?); Robert E. Maytag (1923-1962) and Elizabeth J. Maytag (1925-?) [1]

Elmer died in 1940 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.[2][3]


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Preceded by
Frederick Louis Maytag I
President of Maytag Corporation
Succeeded by
Frederick Louis Maytag II