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Elmos Semiconductor AG
Public company
Industry Electrical engineering
Founded 1984
Headquarters Dortmund, Germany
Area served
Products Semiconductors, microstructures
Subsidiaries Silicon Microstructures
Website http://www.elmos.de/
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Garnter ranked #2 Automotive ASIC Supplier

Elmos Semiconductor AG is a German manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions headquartered in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.[clarification needed] Elmos is the number #2 ranked automotive [ASIC] (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) supplier worldwide.[citation needed] Over 90% of the ASICs produced are for automotive applications.


Elmos has four high voltage CMOS processes[clarification needed] available

L12/T12 1.2 um CMOS/SOI process. Voltage capability to 120V/+/-120V
L08 0.8 um CMOS process. Voltage capability to 120V
L05 0.5 um CMOS process. Voltage capability to 120V
L035/T035 0.35 um CMOS/SOI process. Voltage capability to 120V/+/-120V


1984 Founded in Dortmund, Germany
1985 32 employees, 0,4 Mio DM turnover,Installation of 4" Wafer Fab in Dortmund
1994 DIN ISO 9001 certificate
1998 460 employees, 140 Mio DM turnover. Complete supply from new 6" line
1999 IPO to new market, Frankfurt
2001 630 employees, 107 Mio Euro turnover Acquisition of Eurasem (Packaging, NL)and SMI (MEMS, USA)
2002 TS16949
2005 Launch of new 8" Wafer Fab in Duisburg as 2nd production line


Yearly production and supply of more than 100 Mio ICs
Currently > 1.5 Billion ELMOS ICs "in the field"
More than 1100 employees worldwide at 13 locations, turnover about 160.7 Mio. Euro
Enhanced product portfolio by
ASSPs, MEMS and Microsystems

Target 2010: Yearly production of approx. 200 Mio ICs with circa 250 Mio Euro turnover

Silicon Microstructures[edit]

Silicon Microstructures, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a commercial source of high-performance silicon pressure sensors, including Microelectromechanical systems sensors, and accelerometers. Its first product was a silicon sensor for very low-pressure usage. After the merger in 2001, SMI began production on higher performance, system level sensors and microstructures, wireless, RF and bus addressable microstructures.

In August 2002, SMI acquired the IC Sensors' wafer fabrication operations and wafer R&D group and relocated to Milpitas, California. The following year, Silicon Microstructures undertook a significant and complete wafer fabrication upgrade to expand the facility for full 6" wafer handling.

This facility is currently processing primarily 6 inch wafers and has advanced technical capabilities including deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) and plasma enhanced fusion bonding.[clarification needed]


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