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Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo (December 8, 1934 Madrid - October 26, 2012 Havana) led the guerilla force Second National Front of the Escambray Mountains during the Cuban Revolution against Fulgencio Batista and later opposed the government of Fidel Castro over its pro-Soviet leanings.[1]


He came from a Spanish family active in the Spanish Civil War and emigrated to Cuba following the victory of Francisco Franco′s forces. He formed and commanded the rebel group, Second National Front of Escambray, that fought against president Batista′s dictatorial rule alongside Castro′s 26th of July Revolutionary Movement and the 13th of March Revolutionary Student Directorate. In 1961, he went into exile, and helped form Alpha 66.[2][3]

He led an armed incursion into Cuba in December 1964, but was captured, jailed, and abused, on one occasion being beaten nearly to death repeatedly by guards.[4] He was freed in 1986 after a petition by the Spanish government. He formed Cambio Cubano, in Miami in 1992.[5] He returned to Cuba in 2003.

He married Flor Ester Torres Sanabria.[6]


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