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Elti Fits were a punk rock band in Manchester, England in the late seventies and early eighties.


The members were:

  • Bass - Nigel Ross
  • Drums - Karl Burns
  • Guitar - Graham Ellis
  • Vocals - Sarah Keynes[1]

Their manager was Paula Cooke (née Greatbatch) aka Ruth Putrid.[2]


The band did a session for John Peel on 4 September 1979 followed by a roadshow in 1980.[3]

On 10 October 1980 they topped a bill of five bands at the Manchester Polytechnic Student Union bar that included U2.[4] A .They played Leigh Festival in 1979 and one of their songs is included on the 2 CD set Live at Leigh Rock Festival. They also performed 8 tracks at Deeply Vale Festivals and a good recording of that set may exist.

They worked with Joy Division. One of their songs is available on YouTube. [1].[5]

Their only record was a three track EP.[1]


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